Monday, April 20, 2009


the other day i went to trader joe’s with the intent to purchase the ingredients necessary to make my own pesto, improvising along with what i new and i got sprouted wheat pasta too to go with my homemade italian green sauce so then i made it in the blender my mother bought me when i moved into this apartment and i’ve only been using it for protein shakes and frozen daiquiris and margaritas and never anything savory, so naturally i was excited for this new culinary adventure upon which i was embarking, which i had to do in the afternoon because i had gotten complaints about blending things at night from my neighbors, the old bats, and when i made my pesto i think i put too much oil and not enough pine-nuts and i personally feel like it needed more parm’ but it was still good and i poured it over my special pasta and ate it for lunch at work very quickly because i was running late and it felt like the wheat was blooming in me and there were waves of grain like the idyllic portrait that foreigners or children have of america, growing inside me, violently like an arms race. oh, what i have done with my blender!


  1. um, you are hella too funny. pestoline.

  2. um, you're helluv silly too! thanks for peepin', bootch.